Basic characteristics of the construction and its future operation:

The study brings a solution for the construction of an idle spillway with a weir, as well as a separate weir at Gabčíkovo in six scenarios. The aim is to divert the part of flood flow, which is capable of carrying a derivation canal in case it is needed (e.g. hydropower fall-out). The first three weir scenarios are designed for carrying the discharge of 3,200 m3s-1 and are located on the right side of the derivation canal, in the axis of HP Gabčíkovo, next to the assembly block.

Another three scenarios are designed for carrying the discharge of 1,200 m3s-1 and are located on the right side, at the intake wing of the hydropower.

This Report contains detailed technical solution of the weir in the profile of Gabčíkovo Dam in two scenarios (marked as scenario no. 4 and no. 5. 1,200 m3s-1. The scenario no. 4 was designed with one weir field and the scenario no. 5 with two weir fields, which can carry a discharge with a bottom outlet.

The concept of designed scenarios was outlined on the basis of the investor’s requirements and conclusions of individual production committees.

The study is elaborated in Baltic system of altitudes.

Basic information
Name of the constructionIdle spillway Gabčíkovo
Character of the constructionDegree of the project - Study of feasibility
Place of the constructionGabčíkovo side, rkm 1,860
DistrictDunajská Streda

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