Pump station Viničné:

PS Viničné was built within flood control measures SWW-GN both for leachate management from seepage canals built along right-side protection dam on Váh River in Kameničná – Kolárovo section and for removal of internal waters from adjacent area of Váh River.

PS Viničné is situated 40.0 m from the dam axis. There is an evacuation shaft on the dam crest. The PS is fitted with 6 pcs of pumps with total power of 17.28m3.s-1, including three vertical propeller pumps – type 1200HQCU-1075-68 for Q=4.4 m3.s-1 and 3 pcs of vertical propeller pumps – type 800AQTV 655-68 pre Q=1.36 m3.s-1.

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