Basic characteristics of the construction and its future operation:

The aim of the project is reflowing of Čiližský Stream. In the past Čiližský Stream was a meander, which used to be connected to branch Bakanské rameno, flowing into branch Číčovské rameno. Its original length was approximately 40 km.

The construction of melioration canals and Gabčíkovo – Nagymaros Dams resulted in its fragmentation at more sections and therefore, as a consequence, it lost its original character of a stream. At the present time it is divided into sections of flowing water, sections of backwater, and at some sections the riverbed is silted or backfilled.

It is currently fed by Gabčíkovo – Topoľníky Channel (S VII). Down its route it is subsidized by several drainage canals. The stream is flowing up to the historical slide gate Šarkan, where the water is channelled to Milinovice – Vrbina Channel. From this slide gate to the mouth the riverbed contains only backwater and its level corresponds with the level of the underground water in this area.

The construction is designed to provide reflowing of the stream up to the mouth of Lyonský Channel. Down the stream there are two crossings, Chotárny Channel and channel Vrbina – Holiare. Besides reflowing of the riverbed, the construction goal is to develop a riverside zone – that means to revitalize the wetland, which can be not only achieved by reflowing the branch and raising the water level in Čiližský Stream, but also by constructing a site for regulation of the water level in Červený Channel.

Basic information
Name of the constructionRevitalization of Čiližský Stream
Character of the constructionNew
Place of the constructionVeľký Meder, Pataš, Čiližská Radvaň
DistrictDunajská Streda

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