The construction is characterized by the following information about its operational capacities:

SHPP Dobrohošť
Designed discharge in a vegetation season 25 m3.s-1
Designed discharge in non-vegetation season 17,5 m3.s-1
Upper operational water level Q25 max. 130,45 m n.m.
Downstream water level at Q25 min. 121.76 m n.m.
Designed gross head 8.69 m
Designed net head 8.50 m
Maximum discharge of SHPP 25 m3.s-1
Turbine type Kaplan, Andritz Hydro
Number of turbines 1 pc
Runner diameter 1,950 mm
Maximum active power of an aggregate 1,870 kW
Installed capacity 1,870 kW
Electricity production in an average wet year 11,873 MWh

Basic characteristics of the construction and its future operation

SHPP Dobrohošť is designed on the left bank of the intake structure, which provides water intake from the derivation channel Waterworks Gabčkovo-Nagymaros into the system of arms situated on the left bank of the old Danube riverbed. The hydro-energetic potential of the existing intake structure is used in the designed construction and it is as high as 11.87 GWh of electricity a year. The construction uses an existing feeder, which will be constructed together with the intake structure. This building is designed with a new part of the feeder, which mouths into the building of the SHPP.

Processed waters of the hydro power of a maximum volume 25 m3.s-1 are by a short outlet channel returned back to the approach channel of the system of arms. Produced electricity is by own 22-kV transmission line fed into state electricity system, which passes the building site. It is accessible from Čunovo – Dobrohošť.

The power plant operation will be fully automatic, featuring signalization monitoring basic operational conditions brought into the place defined by the investor. No raw materials are needed for electricity production, which does not leave any production waste harmful to the environment.

More information:

Basic information
Name of the constructionSHPP Dobrohošť
Character of the constructionNew
Place of the constructionDobrohošť
DistrictDunajská Streda
GPS47.990783, 17.352326

Location of the construction

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