The construction is characterized by the following basic information:

Small hydro power Hričov
Maximum upper operational water level 325.500 m a.s.l.
Minimum upper operational water level 324.500 m a.s.l.
Downstream operational water level 315.75 m a.s.l.
Downstream water level at Q100 = 2500 m3.s-1 reduced by Oravska Dam 321.10 m a.s.l.
Maximum gross head H = 9.75 m
Maximum net head H = 9.50 m
Minimum gross head 8.75 m
Minimum net head 8.5 m
Maximum turbine discharge Qmax = 8 m3.s-1
Turbine type Kaplan, four-blade
Number of turbines 1 pc
Runner diameter D = 1,150 mm
Transfer of generator power rectangular transfer
Generator type vertical synchronous
Maximum power at the transmission Ptmax = 700kW
Maximum active power at the generator terminals Pgmax = 640kW
Electricity production in an average wet year Et = 5,600 MWh
Estimated annual electricity production Ep = 4,750 MWh

Basic characteristics of the construction and its future operation:

The small hydro power plant is designed at the left spillway wing of the stilling basin in close vicinity to the weir of WW Hričov. Construction structure no. 103 the SHPP building consists of a monolithic block made of water tight reinforced concrete with a flat roof and foil sheathing. The building serves for settling mechanical and electro-technological devices, which protect against weathering factors and any possible access of unauthorized persons.

The power plant is designed with one horizontal Kaplan turbine with a runner diameter of D=1150 mm. The draft tube will lead into the stilling basin. The building has a rectangular ground design of 7.50m x 21.50m. From the point of height, the construction is divided into three underground floors and two floors above ground. On the third floor (312.450 m a.s.l.) there is an engine hall with manipulation space, a pumping aggregate, a shaft with leakage water.

In the second underground floor (316.000 m a.s.l.) there is a fixing hole leading into entrance part of the turbine and LV substation. On the first underground floor (318.450 m a.s.l.) there is a manipulation and fixing space. On the first floor above ground (±0,000=322,125 m a.s.l.) there is a main entrance with a staircase. On the second floor above ground (324.500 m a.s.l.) there is a high-voltage substation with a transformator. The building is accessible via adjusted into the first floor ±0.000=322.125 m a.s.l.

Basic information
Name of the constructionSmall hydro power plant Hričov
Character of the constructionNew
Place of the constructionHričov
GPS49.152614, 18.405116

Location of the construction

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