Basic parameters:

Small hydro power Pálenisko
Maximum upper water level 132.70 m a.s.l.
Minimum upper water level 131.25 m a.s.l.
Downstream water level at Q30 128.50 m n.m.
Downstream water level at Q18 127.90 m n.m.
Designed head 4.8 m
Designed discharge of SHP 2 x 15 m3.s-1
Maximum discharge 30 m3.s-1
Type of turbine Horizontal Kaplan
Number of turbines 2 pcs
Runner diameter 1,750 mm
Nominal revolutions of the turbine 188 min-1
Nominal revolutions of the generator 750 min-1
Installed capacity 989.3 kW
Maximum power at the generator terminals 540 kW
Achievable electricity production in 334 days 6,140,219 kWh

Small hydro power Pálenisko:

This small hydro power was built by rehabilitation of a new inlet object feeding water to Little Danube River. By building the Gabčíkovo Nagymáros Dams and its commissioning, the required inflow to the Little Danube riverbed will provide sufficient capacity through one weir field. The remaining two fields were designed with a device utilizing the existing hydroenergetic potential. Electricity is produced by two asynchronous generators for voltage of 6.3 kV.

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