The purpose of the proposed “Refurbishment of Flood protection Barrier in Štúrovo“, is to improve the condition of the existing protection against floods in the town Štúrovo in the section from Mária Valéria Bridge to the north, behind the Customs Office buildings.

At the present time, this area is protected by a flood wall, which neither meets parameters of protection on the Q100 flood level, nor, regarding its location, complies with Štúrovo Local Area Plan, which is considering making this area accessible to people in the form of a pedestrian zone, extending to the bank of the Danube River.

Making the river bank accessible to people is in accordance with Štúrovo Local Area Plan, approved by a resolution of the Municipal Council on December 10th, 1998 and prospective to December 31st, 2015.

The construction is divided into the following construction structures (CS)
CS no. 101 Flood protection line
CS no. 102 Replacement of the monument
CS no. 103 Reinforcement of the existing protection embankment dam
CS no. 104 A hall for mobile flood wall storage
Basic information
Name of the constructionRefurbishment of Flood Protection Line in Štúrovo
Place of the constructionCadastral area of a municipality Štúrovo
DistrictNové Zámky

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