The construction is characterized by the following operational capacities:

Number of fields (closures) 3
Height of the gate 4.25 m
Width of the weir field 18.00 m
Gate construction 3 x flap
Elevation of the weir bottom 198.65 m a.s.l.
Elevation of the downstream channel bottom 194.85 m a.s.l.
Maximum operational water level 202.90 m a.s.l.
Elevation of the water level at Q100 above the weir 206.35 m a.s.l.
Elevation of the water level at Q100 under the weir 205.00 m a.s.l.
Power plant
Maximum upper operational water level 202.90 m a.s.l.
Downstream water level at Q=20 m3s-1 196.90 m a.s.l.
Designed discharge 20.00 m3.s-1
Designed gross head 6.00 m
Designed net head 5.90 m
Type of the turbine Kaplan horizontal turbine
Runner diameter D = 1.750 mm
Number of turbines 1 pc
Maximum active power of one aggregate 975 kW
Installed capacity 975 kW

Production of electricity in an average wet year is estimated to an amount of 4,797,000 kWh (4,797 MWh).

Basic characteristics of the construction and its operation in the future:

Water work Trenčianske Biskupice 2 was designed in order to produce electricity by utilization of hydro-energetic potential of three boulder stages below the existing weir in Trenčianske Biskupice. The maximum usable flow of the hydro power was fed through a decontamination flow below the weir, while taking into account an excess flow curve in a given profile. Maximum usable flow was determined at 20.00 m3.s-1.

The water work axis was designed approximately 530 m below the axis of the existing weir, right above the water spillway from the right-bank sewage plant of the city Trenčín. The upper water level was designed in order not to swell the lower level of SHPP Trenčianske Biskupice, situated below the right-bank mounting of the weir. The lower water level was designed in consideration of the water level in the lower lagoon, taking into account estimated erosion processes of the Váh riverbed. The solution of downstream riverbed was adjusted accordingly.

The basic technical concept was based on the solution of river stage situated right in the river bed of the stream, consisting of a three-field weir construction, a building of the small hydro power plant, which was fixed on the left-side bench. A bristled fish pass was established between the body of the weir and the hydro power building. It is made of three arms. A power outlet is designed into the existing 22-kV line, running along the left-bank protection dike. Safety of the water work was designed equally to the protected left-bank area of the town Trenčín.

Basic information
Name of the constructionWater work Trenčianske Biskupice 2
Place of the constructionCadastral aread of Trenčín

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