The construction is characterized by basic information about its operational capacities:

Protection dam Oreské
Elevation of the dam crest 265.000 m a.s.l.
Elevation of the safety spillway 263.500 m a.s.l
Elevation of the water level Q100 264.000 m a.s.l.
Width of the dam crest 5.00 m
Slope of the upstream face 1 : 2
Slope of the downstream face 1 : 2
Length of the dam 436.91 m
Q100 above the dam 21.0 m3.s-1
Q100 below the dam 8.2 m3.s-1
Volume of the retention space at 264.00 m a.s.l 1.072.655 m3

Basic characteristics of the construction and its future operation:

The construction Protection dam Oreskéserves for flood protection of the area located under the designed construction. The purpose of this construction is to intercept flood flows and their reduction – flattening a flood wave to discharges, which would not cause damage in the area below the polder. Polder Oreské was put into operation in 2005. Its first filling took place in March 2006.

Basic information
Name of the constructionProtection dam Oreské
Character of the constructionNew
Place of the constructionCadastrial area of Oreské, Lopašov
GPS48.746356, 17.318273

Location of the construction

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