The construction is characterized by the following operational capacities:

Basic information
Crest level of the dam in axis 356.38 m a.s.l.
Safety spillway level 354.74 m a.s.l.
Spillway level at Q100 356.00 m a.s.l.
Crest width of the dam 4.50 m
Slope of the upstream face 1 : 2,0 – 3,3
Slope of the downstream face 1 : 1,5 – 2,2
Length of the dam 180.32 m
Q100 above the dam 24.0 m3.s-1
Q100 below the dam 21.5 m3.s-1
Q50 above the dam 19.0 m3.s-1
Q50 below the dam 17.0 m3.s-1
Q20 above the dam 14.0 m3.s-1
Q20 below the dam 12.5 m3.s-1
Volume of retention space at 356.00 m a.s.l. 127,000 m3

Basic characteristics of the construction and its future operation:

The construction serves for flood protection of the territory located below the proposed construction.

Basic information
Name of the constructionWater reservoir Brestovec
Character of the constructionReconstruction
Place of the constructionmunicipal boundary Brestovec

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