Basic information about the construction:

Basic information
Type of closing embankment earth dam
Dam crest 333.00 m a.s.l.
Maximum operational level 331.00 m a.s.l.
Total volume of the reservoir 27 mil. m3
Total area of the reservoir 2.30 sq km
Length of backwater level 7.90 km
Construction of the weir earth dam made of sand and gravel material with central core of soil material from both sides protected by sand filters
Length of the dam in a crest 250 m
Volume of gravel in the stabilization part 366,000 m3
Volume of sealing soils 54,000 m3
Volume of weir filters 38,000 m3
Foundation sealing double-row injection screen with length of 35.00 m
Safety spillway monolithic, side – in the right slope
Gate construction steel – 3 x segment with a flap 4.50 x 5.20
Bottom discharges 2 x DN 800 in the integrated space
Inlet valves flap
Outlet valves cone
Water transfer through the weir body in the lower part of the by-pass tunnel
Location on the upstream face of the dam slope in the integrated space
Number of turbines 2 pcs
Installed capacity 2 x 1,502 MW
Turbine usable flow 2 x 4.4 m3.s-1
Turbine type Francis turbine
Runner diameter D = 800 mm
Maximum net head 27.70 m
Minimum net head 20.70 m

Basic characteristics of the construction and its future operation:

Water work Slatinka  is an accumulation reservoir in the river basin of Hron, on the river Slatina, above Zvolen. Its main purpose it is designed for is to augment the river flow of Hron (accumulation of water during higher flows and discharge of the flow during droughts) so that in every period of the year sufficient amount of water in the river is provided for all customers, while providing a sufficient minimum balance in Hron below Veľké Kozmálovce

WW Slatinka will have some more significant effects: lowering flood flows on Slatina in Zvolen and on Hron below Zvolen, generation of electricity in small hydropower plant and recreational contribution of the reservoir for wide surroundings.

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